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At BDO, it's our people that count.

At BDO, it's our people that count.

BDO Taiwan focuses strongly on education training, we have a set of comprehensive training program not only for professional staff but the newly hired as well. A one-month  education-training program is mandatory for the newly hired including basic accounting & taxation, basic auditing, audit technique, computer, laws and regulations (guidelines governing for  the audit standard, guidelines governing for the preparation of financial  report, GAAP, taxation .. so forth).

Staff training usually takes place in July to September, routine class schedule includes audit technique, advanced taxation, security exchange  financial related laws and regulations review, and special accounting related topics  discussion. The latest financial and taxation update; on the other hand, will be given irregularly. In addition to internal training, we also encourage staff to participate in  external training activities from organizations such as CPA Association, Accounting Research & Development Foundation, and Financial Center.

“Human Resource” is the utmost important asset to our firm and staff training is imperative in terms of qualification standard improvement. In here, BDO Taiwan Union & Co. has a vast room to expand and to satisfy  each with the need to develop the highest intelligence and to acquire professional knowledge.

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